Idsard Septer

As a student of Physical Geography at Utrecht University, Idsard Septer did not know that he would end up in the exciting world of collectibles. But college friends Jacco Scheper and Huib Pelzer asked him in 1999 to join their (then brand-new) auction house.

This is how his 20 year-long career in appraising, parcelling, advising and auctioning coins started. Idsard likes to organize and appraise entire coin collections. He has a keen eye for distinguishing the unique items from the common. 

His broad expertise extends from Dutch stamps – which he collected himself in his youth – to world coins: a category in which he now specializes. This is why he regularly visits various European fairs to track down special objects and collections.

It appeals to him to work for the strong Heritage Auctions brand, facilitate trade in collectibles, and provide opportunities to customers throughout Europe.

Experience as an appraiser

20+ years


World coins


English, German, Dutch


“It's great to be able to grow and thrive within a unique company. And we are certainly not done growing yet.”


T: +32-(0)2-2040140

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