Valuation of models and miniatures

Antique model trains, ships planes and cars come in all sorts and they have been around for a long time, especially the miniature ships. You can even come across boats that are more than 200 years old and that are very valuable at our auctions. If you have a collection of antique model trains, cars, ships or planes, feel free to drop by for a free appraisal from one of our topexperts. 

Vintage model building

The interest in vintage model building has taken off in recent decades. Thanks to the increase in internet trade, it has become easier and easier to focus on train model building, collecting cars to scale and model ships.

As a result, we are seeing an increase in value of these collectibles and art-historical miniatures in our auction houses worldwide.

Appraisal of model building and miniatures in Zaventem

Every Thursday 10am - 4pm

  • Free valuation of your cards
  • Certified appraisers
  • No appointment needed
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Free parking in front of the door

Drop by

In addition to true-to-life replicas of ships, vehicles and aircrafts, such as Dinky Toys and military scale models, our experts also regularly encounter valuable silver miniature ships, wooden miniature airplanes and even model trucks from Lego. Believe it or not; what may seem like junk to you, may be the missing piece in someone else's collection.

Our advice: never just throw away a model train, car or antique model ship without first checking whether it still has value or not.

As with other collectibles, it is important that your miniature is in the best possible condition, has not been improperly repaired and, if possible, is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Are you a collector and do you want to expand your collection or do you have a miniature that you want to sell? You can also consign and buy miniature models in any of the following categories: 

  • Houses, scenery and figures related to train model building
  • Military and war miniatures, including scale tanks
  • Retro dollhouse furniture
  • Miniature perfumes
  • Antique miniature ships in a bottle.

To get an indication of the value of these items, you can visit us without any further obligations on one of our free valuation days, or request a valuation by e-mail. We will visit you for large collections or models that are difficult to transport. If you wish to offer your collection at our auction after appraisal, you can of course count on our advice. For example, in order to get the highest possible yield for your model building, it may be interesting not to offer your pieces at our Dutch auction, but at a Heritage Auctions auction elsewhere.

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