Valuation of Gold Ten Guilders

You are the lucky owner of a face value ten guilder coin and are wondering: what is the value of this gold tenner? Or perhaps you are thinking about buying a gold 10 guilder, yet you are not sure what amount would be reasonable to pay for it. Either way, it can be useful to know that the price of a Netherlands gold tenner can vary a lot.

Value golden tenner

The value of the golden tenner has been subject to quite a few fluctuations in the past. When the coin was first minted in 1818, it fell under a system of bimetallism. In this system, also called the Double Standard, the coin's value was based on the price of not just one, but two metals. As for the Dutch currency in the 19th century, these two metals were gold and silver.

In the middle of the 19th century, our country switched to the silver standard for some time. No gold ten guilder coins were minted between 1843-1874. Because the silver price in the Dutch East Indies was higher than in Europe, the remelting of coins became a business model. To avoid this remelting, the Netherlands switched back to the gold standard in 1875 and the gold ten guilder coin was back in production.

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For the collector today, the price of a golden tenner can differ greatly. The rarest are those with the year 1892 on them. Only 61 of these were minted that year. 1892 was the first year of Wilhelmina's reign. The last copies of Wilhemina's golden tenner were minted in 1933. With the introduction of the paper standard in 1936, Wilhelmina's gold tenner lost its status as legal currency. Because there is still about 6.048 grams of pure gold in the coin, it served as an investment currency for a while. Today, the gold tenner has a high value for collectors.

Sell your gold ten guilder

When you want to buy or sell a gold tenner, you first want to know what its value is. With a gold content of 90%, the gold tenner is a 21.6-karat coin. Around the year 2010, the gold tenner was more valuable as a precious metal than as an investment or collector's item. During that time, many such coins were remelted. This means that there are now far fewer gold ten guilder coins than before. In order to find out what a golden tenner is worth, we would like to advise you not to blindly rely on the catalogs in circulation. For a correct market-considerate valuation, you are best off with a professional currency appraisal. Our appraisers can see immediately whether your gold tenner is an original coin, or a reference or trade medal.

The price of the gold tenner is no longer determined by the gold price, although this of course still plays a role. Nowadays the year in which the coin was minted is crucial in determining its value. For example, in addition to the famous 1892 coin, the 1917 golden tenner portraying Wilhelmina with ermine cloak as well as the 1898 coronation coin are also very popular and highly priced. Not only Wilhelmina coins are valuable. Also tens from the time of Willem III with the year 1875 are scarce, which means that they also do well on the market.

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